In all that we do, we do operate at the pleasure of the Army and of the veterans, having made commitments to them regarding our standards of behavior and conduct while in uniform.  We ask that all members respect these commitments, and ensure that their actions and appearance always maintains the highest standards of authenticity and decorum possible.


Our prime commitment is to honor our veterans.  Each year since 1958, the veterans of the Division have gathered at Tennessee Pass in Colorado to honor the men who did not come home from the War.  This monument, located close to the ski training site on Cooper Hill (now Ski Cooper), lists the names of the fallen in WW2.   Since 1985, Ft Drum, NY has a similar monument to those soldiers in our modern 10th Mountain Division (L.I.) who made that same sacrifice.

We urge every available member to find a way to honor our veterans (from all conflicts and all branches of service) on this day.  In Colorado, this organization has accepted the responsibility to organize and conduct the annual Memorial Day Ceremonies at Tennessee Pass, where the monument lists the names of the WWII fallen.  Please join us there for this moving ceremony and a luncheon afterwards.


LIVING HISTORY:            This creative method of narrating the legacy of the WWII 10th Mountain trooper is through the medium of Living History.   We present to the public life in a camp site or on the front lines in WWII, with our volunteer docents in period uniform or other period clothing, living as close to the way things were done more than 75 years ago.  Each volunteer is encouraged to pick a specialty that would have been found at Ft. Lewis, Camp Hale, Camp Swift or in Italy.  They study their area of specialty to become proficient in their own field, and in many cases, experts that can be called upon to assist others in research topics.   A Living History exhibit is like a museum without glass cases.  A soldier-docent can share the contents of his pack; teach the basics of cleaning the M-1 Garand rifle; operate a field telephone; or describe and demonstrate the operation of an Aid Station.  Photographs of some of our Living History events can be found in our LINKS section.  

REENACTMENTS:            This is where we got our start, and this can provide a tremendous basis to understand that daily life of a soldier.  Reenactments are generally recreations of small battles, with opposing forces maneuvering to accomplish their military mission.   As such, this can give each participant a much greater understanding for the combat experience was for a typical soldier.  Very similar to the training soldiers go through before deployments, combat reenactments offer little public interaction but are a tremendous learning tool for the participants.    This organization is recognized by several of the WWII Reenacting organizations.

SPEAKERS BUREAU:                This category used to be handled exclusively by our veterans, but as the years have progressed, the next generations have assumed this role.  We offer several qualified speakers who can provide small group or large audience presentations on many topics relating to the Division.   As a variation on this, we also offer STAFF RIDES through the Camp Hale valley.  These are guided tours by a trained docent who can explain what each portion of the camp was used for and can demonstrate select equipment.   This program has been very popular with our military partners, and can be modified to meet USACHM standards or unit-specific needs.   To contact us for a speaker, please email:

While we do not set a charge for providing speakers, it is encouraged that the speaker’s direct expenses (if any) be covered by this inviting organization.  An honorarium is seldom refused.  


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