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As with any organization, there are legal forms and requirements we must disclose as well as

stuff we just think it would be a good idea for you to know.

As part of our efforts to continue to be a supportable and sustainable organization in the eyes of the public, and to allow us to continue our educational efforts across the country, the following are some of our initiatives that we have undertaken.

INCORPORATION:   Effective January of 2001, this organization legally became a Colorado non-profit corporation, and is registered with the State of Colorado as "Tenth Mountain Division Living History Display Group, Inc". As such, our Articles of Incorporation are on file with the Secretary of State in Denver, CO, and Rappel 2are available here for your inspection.  A copy of the Certificate of Good Standing is available through the Colorado Secretary Of State’s web site, or you can get a copy through our registered agent.   While registered in Colorado, we are free to operate in all 50 states and internationally.

TAX STATUS:   Within 60 days of acceptance of the Articles of Incorporation in Colorado, we filed an application for Federal recognition under I.R.S. guideline 501(c)(3) . The application has been accepted effective March 12, 2001, retroactive to January 1st.    For tax purposes, refer to EIN 84-1571095. If you wish to offer support to this organization, we would be happy to assist you with a donation program.   Copies of the advance ruling letter and final ruling are available upon request, either by contacting us by e-mail, or through the I.R.S.   A letter advising how this can affect each of our members will be posted shortly.

SALES TAX EXEMPTION:  The organization was granted a sales tax exemption in the State of Colorado, and members may request a copy from any of our Officers.   (At the requests of the State, we do not post this form for downloading.)

REGISTERED AGENT:          Please feel free to contact Scott Koskie, Secretary of the 10th Mountain Division Living History Display Group, Inc., who serves as our Registered Agent.   You may reach Scott at S.Koskie@TenthMountain.org 

Did we miss something you’d like to see?  Please contact Scott via email and we will strive to get it to you quickly.




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Our thanks to all of our sponsors, especially the Tenth Mountain Division Foundation, Inc. and the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division, Inc.


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