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You have found the single most boring page we have to offer.   Sorry, but we gotta do it

to satisfy the lawyers, accountants and the Company Clerks among us.

Most of these documents should open in a new window as an Adobe .PDF file.


SAFETY MANUAL:      Everyone should download this one for their own safety.  It covers everything EXCEPT paper cuts and boredom.   Those you have to report to the Sarge for sick-call if you dare.


TMD-1       Display Pre-Opening Inspection – what we look for every day


TMD-2       Vehicle Registration – only applies to events hosted by TMD LHDG


TMD-3       Liability Waiver – for non TMD LHDG vehicle passengers in a TMD operated vehicle


TMD-4 and TMD-5 Membership Liability Waiver and Membership Application are combined on one download (whoever figured out this one was almost smart!)  This one you need to join!


TMD-6       Event Sponsor Liability Waiver – for folks that invite us and are unaware of what we do.


TMD-7       Quartermaster Loan Form – if we loan out uniforms, etc to prospective members.


TMD-8       Law Enforcement Contact Form – only required in Colorado if firearms are to be brought onto a school campus.   Please re-type as needed to be relevant.


OK – it cannot ALL be boring stuff, so here is a nugget for your edification and enjoyment.   It’s a copy of the prototype manual for Mountain Troops that may never have seen the light of day.  (Courtesy of the Denver Public Library’s Tenth Mountain Resource Center)  MANUAL for MOUNTAIN TROOPS


READING LIST   For those of you who wish to become more educated, here is a list of most (not all) of the books on the 10th.  


HERE’S AN EASTER EGG:  You read through all kinds of boring bits of information, so here’s something for the uniform collectors out there.  It’s a scan of the 1944 orders allowing the special Mountain Troop Class A uniform.   Ski cap, ski trousers, mountain boots and gaiters.  And it’s LEGAL.  Print this either on onion-skin or on unbleached paper with a blue-black (mimeo) ink, and keep in your pocket so the MPs don’t write a citation for “out-of-uniform”.   Download your Easter Egg HERE 


This is a proposed authenticity standard we are considering.  Take a peek and let us know your thoughts.  AUTHENTICITY


Have we forgotten something?  Sure we have, so we’ll add new stuff to this page from time to time.   Will we send out an email to let you know?   Probably not, but we’ll just have to check back.




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Our thanks to all of our sponsors, especially the Tenth Mountain Division Foundation, Inc. and the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division, Inc.


Select photos used courtesy of Denver Public Library